Or “What is a Programmer Doing Writing so much?”

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As a software developer for more than twenty years, I’ve spent a lot of time and focus into the art of creating software. As a writer on the side, I’ve tried to hone that creativity into worldbuilding and picture-painting.

A few years back, I tried my hand at publishing some fiction under another name. This time around, I’m focusing more on consumer advocacy and finance. …

Images courtesy of Pexels.com, except for the ones I made myself. You’ll know which are which.

I learned quite a few things while digging my way out of debt. All in all, my wife and I repaid about $35 thousand worth of debt in about a year. During that time we started questioning a lot of what we now refer to as worldly wisdom.

Let me explain that phrase.

Debt is also a tool, and debt is easy. It solves problems fairly quickly. Using debt doesn’t take a whole lot of critical thinking or planning ahead. …

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In a previous article, I mentioned that cryptocurrencies are a relatively young investment opportunity. This is especially true when compared to the ancient monster that is the stock market. Despite that youth, there’s no arguing its diversity. There are a lot of cryptocurrencies out there. And I mean… a lot.

All cryptocurrencies are not created equal; Doge is not on the same level as Ethereum. It just is not. Each coin or token is different from the last, and as always, I highly recommend doing your due diligence.

To make this clear, I am not a financial advisor. This article…

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The first two quarters of 2021 have been a rollercoaster for anyone with any skin in the cryptocurrency market. For those that have kept their focus clear of this sector, suffice it to say that the year-to-date tracker of most currencies as of July looks a wee bit crazy:

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This story is an illustration. It aims to show how personal finances are often derailed, not by a single event or stroke of bad luck, but rather a lifetime of less-than-optimal financial choices.

I challenge the reader to compare Janae’s decision-making to choices they’ve made in their own life. In addition, I would ask the reader to put themselves in Janae’s shoes. How would most people view their situation by the end of this story? Where would they assign blame?

All characters are fictional. Any similarities between actual people or events is coincidental.

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At this point, I’m utterly convinced that if companies could discover a way to force-feed commercials to you in your dreams, they would jump all over your Inception-based nightmares in seething masses.

So I’m going to talk about a new patent filed by a car company recently. First, a few obvious caveats.

Companies and individuals create and file patents through the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) all the time. Just because an entity files a patent does not mean that said entity intends to implement the patent within its business, processes, or products. According to Forbes, 95 percent of…

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Americans don’t particularly like to talk about money. Almost three out of four people seem to think it’s rude to do so. The stigma is so real that a third of couples don’t even know how much their live-in partner earns.

One possible hint at the cause of this taboo is that there’s no structured system in America to teach about money and money skills. Some even consider teaching the topic in schools a mistake. As a result, financial literacy is literally a fifty-fifty gamble in this nation even though it’s the richest country this world has ever seen.


As always, images courtesy of Pexels.com

I found an interesting article from Axios (though the format of these “articles” makes me question using that word to describe them. Bullet-points, maybe?) that throws around terms like “fragmented” and “turbulent” when describing a new 20-year global forecast. The article makes mention of the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer (No, I never heard of it before, either) that signifies an eroding of global trust in the world’s largest economies, namely the US and China.

One amusing takeaway from the barometer I found was the mention of “record lows” in terms of public trust in news sources, with social media and…

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There’s a springtime hike in car prices affecting buyers. Dealerships and manufacturers will be quick to blame many things, namely a decrease in automotive production due to COVID-19 and a current shortage of computer chips meant to govern heavily software-reliant vehicles. These factors in combination with tax refunds, stimulus checks, and the American population slowly emerging from the dark confines of their isolationist basements have resulted in a sudden spike of car prices on dealer lots to the tune of nearly 14 percent as of February.

I’ve written about how long car manufacturers have been extending the zero-percent financing offers

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If everyone else jumped off a cliff, would you jump, too?

Conventional wisdom might impulse the average person to deny. Not to mention our built-in rebellious nature against our parents that liked to abuse this little stinger. Research, however, says something different.

So grab your bungee cord and strap it on tight. According to the math, you as the average customer will trot right along and fling yourself off the cliff along with the rest of the herd.

Occasionally referred to as the Lemming Effect, for quite obvious (and amusing) reasons, most people typically mirror responses they believe a “majority…

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