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Or “What is a Programmer Doing Writing so much?”

As a software developer for more than twenty years, I’ve spent a lot of time and focus into the art of creating software. As a writer on the side, I’ve tried to hone that creativity into worldbuilding and picture-painting.

A few years back, I tried my hand at publishing some fiction under another name. This time around, I’m focusing more on consumer advocacy and finance. …

I learned quite a few things while digging my way out of debt. All in all, my wife and I repaid about $35 thousand worth of debt in about a year. During that time we started questioning a lot of what we now refer to as worldly wisdom.

Let me explain that phrase.

Debt is also a tool, and debt is easy. It solves problems fairly quickly. Using debt doesn’t take a whole lot of critical thinking or planning ahead. …

EIP-1559 has reached a new milestone recently. As of September 15th, approximately 297 thousand units of Ethereum have been burned due to how EIP-1559 changed gas fees. With a going rate (today) of around $3,440 per ETH, that equates to more than 1 billion dollars worth of value.

Impressive milestone, to be sure.

EIP-1559 went live on August 5th, just a little over a month ago. Since then, August featured one of the largest NFT pushes on the Ethereum platform which, interestingly, also amounted to more than $1 billion in sales in just the last week of the month. …

Ethereum gas prices have been quite high lately. And bad advice is quick to follow.

Ethereum gas prices have been quite high lately. Ever since EIP-1559 went live, transaction fees that used to be paid to miners are instead being burned. During active days, this can result in an overall negative issuance on Ethereum, where the burned gas fees overwhelm the Ethereum created by its transaction validators (read: miners).

In fact, on Friday, September 3rd, this is exactly what happened. The overall issuance of Ethereum went negative for the first time in, well, ever (and according to Etherchain’s 24 hour burn tracker, it possibly went negative again on September 7th; as of editing, I can’t…

Three more questions to ask yourself before you FOMO your way into investing with crypto.

Americans do not like to talk about money. Not even a little, actually. One out of every three couples living together doesn’t know for sure how much money each other makes. Two-thirds of US states receive a grade of ‘C’ or worse when ranking financial education skills. There’s a real taboo in talking about money, and it is not helping.

And yet, there’s no question that cryptocurrency is becoming incredibly popular. There’s a lot of money in the system — so much so that it’s now the fifth most-circulated currency in the world by value.

But should you get involved?

Americans have a… I guess I’ll call it a strange mentality concerning investing.

Many don’t even bother. As of 2019 (granted, before the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent savings resurgence that occurred immediately afterward), almost half of surveyed responders reported that they had no investments to their name. More than 55 percent of respondents declared that they simply did not have enough money to their name to start investing.

At the same time, those that do invest tend to make so many questionable decisions while trying to make their money work for them. As many as 43 percent of retail investors…

Free-to-Play games, Amazon Coins, and Gift Cards. Throw them in a blender, and you might get an Amazon Digital Currency.

I find some amusement in how often I see patterns repeat across disparate business areas in recent years. Melodies and history tend to repeat, especially for those not paying attention. For example, I wrote about how Ford Motors could potentially copy Amazon’s previous business practice of charging you less for something you want if you agree to let that thing spam advertisements at you.

Well, now Amazon is at it again.

This time it appears that the massive corporation might be dipping its toes into creating a new digital currency. This feels familiar to me in much the same way…

The law of averages is a fairly insistent state of being. But there is a way to make it work for you.

Keith Banks of Bank of America most likely said it best when he talked about how investors try and “get clever” when it comes to investments. You’ve likely heard the advice before. When speaking directly about stock markets, he mentions a very simple truth most investors would do well to heed:

The reality is, it’s time in the market, not timing the market.

Wisdom is built into this simple statement. Investors should discover very quickly in their investing…

In a previous article, I mentioned that cryptocurrencies are a relatively young investment opportunity. This is especially true when compared to the ancient monster that is the stock market. Despite that youth, there’s no arguing its diversity. There are a lot of cryptocurrencies out there. And I mean… a lot.

All cryptocurrencies are not created equal; Doge is not on the same level as Ethereum. It just is not. Each coin or token is different from the last, and as always, I highly recommend doing your due diligence.

To make this clear, I am not a financial advisor. This article…

The first two quarters of 2021 have been a rollercoaster for anyone with any skin in the cryptocurrency market. For those that have kept their focus clear of this sector, suffice it to say that the year-to-date tracker of most currencies as of July looks a wee bit crazy:

RD Rhoads

Programmer by day and a writer by night. Somehow finding the balance in between.

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