Or “What is a Programmer Doing Writing so much?”

Pictures still courtesy of Pexels.com, because I like them.

As a software developer for more than twenty years, I’ve spent a lot of time and focus into the art of creating software. As a writer on the side, I’ve tried to hone that creativity into worldbuilding and picture-painting.

A few years back, I tried my hand at publishing some fiction under another name. This time around, I’m focusing more on consumer advocacy and finance. A recent “convert” to the Dave Ramsey way of handling money (God and Grandma’s way, to be price), you can expect to see a lot of articles about debt, how poisonous it is to the average person, and ways of boosting your financial literacy.

Thanks for your interest, and I hope to hear your thoughts on my articles.

Here are some of my picks for my debt-related articles… and rants.

I’ve recently dabbled a bit in cryptocurrency. Words appeared out of the Ether as a result (pun intended):

I’ve started a series I call, “What This Means in Car Sales”, where I take ideas and phrases and describe what car salespersons and dealerships really mean when they employ them. You can find this series here:

Programmer by day and a writer by night. Somehow finding the balance in between.